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Sat, 10/21
Larz Anderson Auto Museum
Brookline, MA
Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo
All the best local comics will be here, and the focus is on creating instead of buying. That's pretty cool!...
Sat, 10/21
University Hall
Cambridge, MA
National Solar Tour
Nope, these houses are not painted green, but they run on green power! Buildings all across New England are open for tours to show...
Sat, 10/21
All Over
Halloween Iron Pour at the Steel Yard
The main event is the reenactment of Guy Fawke's trial. There will be music, food and a bonfire, of course.....
Sat, 10/21
Providence, RI
H.P. Lovecraft Walking Tour
The famous 1920s horror writer after Edgar Allan Poe but before Robert Bloch, who wrote the film Psycho, was H.P. Lovecraft, maste...
Sat, 10/21