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Johnny's Summary

CoFoundersLab is more than a series of networking meetings. They have an entire business devoted to online matchmaking -- not for romance, but to take over the world with entreprenership. Click for the interview! - , Boston, MA.

CoFoundersLab Interview

Are you starting a company? Or would you like to? CoFoundersLab is more than a meet and greet. They have an entire company and website with online matchmaking behind getting you going and finding you the best business partners.

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I spoke with Mike Hughes, who heads up business development for CoFoundersLab and their #1 employee after founders Shahab Kaviani and Culin Tate. He told me about that the community is well-managed and so popular that last week's meeting had a waiting list of 60 people. ""Typically the mix is pretty good,"" he said, referring to those looking to join versus those with an idea seeking joiners. ""That's part of our job, to find a mix of people. We've already made lots of successful matches, our ultimate measure of success.""

You may be familiar with part of the Co-Founders Wanted Meetup. They have speakers, with plenty of time to network, and you wear a colored sticker that lets people know what you're looking for. The organizers divide the attendees into smaller groups, and in each cluster, everyone gets 30 seconds to do a quick elevator pitch. However, the real power in the meeting is in going to the website first. There you create a profile and can search and connect with thousands of potential co-founders. Then you can plan ahead to talk with a few people at the Co-Founders Wanted Meetup, while being open to the serendipity of running into someone new.

I asked Mike a number of tough questions and CoFoundersLab looks very well thought out! You will definitely want to be on board as they grow and grow.

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