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Horn Pond Memorial Lantern Walk - Boston Events INSIDER

Horn Pond Memorial Lantern Walk at Boston Events INSIDER Johnny's Summary
Memorial Day is sad, but this lantern walk honors those who have died in war in a way that's creative but appropriate. If you haven't got your own lantern, you can buy one at the event for a small donation. You can also go to one of the lantern-making workshops at the local Whole Foods May 21-25. 2012: 7pm. . Horn Pond, Woburn, MA . See my Johnny Monsarrat prank, when I filled an office witih balloons!
Full Description

7th Annual Horn Pond Memorial Lantern Walk

Join us for the 7th Annual Horn Pond Memorial Lantern Walk on Sunday May 27 at 7:00pm. Gather at Horn Pond, Lake Avenue/Pump House parking area and lanterns will light our way for the 7th Annual Horn Pond Memorial Lantern Walk. We walk together and remember the lives and love of our friends, classmates, and family who passed on, as we carry our lanterns around this beautiful wonder of nature once called Lake Innitou by the native population.

Make a lantern at one of our workshops, bring yours from last year or make a donation and choose a ready made lantern at the pond. All volunteer effort by Soul Lanterns. All donations go to the Friends of Mary Cummings Park non-profit group working to protect this vast local parkland.

Workshops are scheduled for the public at Whole Foods Market from 4 pm to 7 pm Monday, May 21 Wednesday, May 23 Friday, May 25 If you would like to host your own, we can help. For more information or to volunteer email: or telephone 781.267.3720.

Special Thanks to Spontaneous Celebrations, WREN, City of Woburn, David P. Hunt Event Management. (Medical services), and for the logo art: Meghan Lutz

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