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NERO Roleplaying Weekend - Boston Events INSIDER

Johnny's Summary
Here's your local Live Roleplaying Club doing an all-weekend event at a camp. Get lost in the immersive adventure out in the woods! - . Clara Barton Camp, North Oxford, MA . Events INSIDER is run by Johnny Monsarrat.
Full Description

NERO Boston

Welcome to NEROŽ Boston. We write, produce, cast, and run interactive theater games better known as NEROŽ LARPs, or Live Action Role Playing games, in the Boston MA and Worcester MA areas.

Live Action Role Playing games allow you to be the HERO or HEROINE, defeat adversaries, and solve mysteries - just like in the movies or on TV!

Join us for the 2012 season of our Volta campaign! The Duchy of Volta is a harsh and wild land filled with danger, magic and intrigue. Voltans love games of chance and of skill and will bet on most almost anything. You never know who you will encounter at the tavern as you seek your fortune!

Your imagination has found a home!

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