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Bye Bye Liver - our review - Boston Events INSIDER

Bye Bye Liver - our review at Boston Events INSIDER Johnny's Summary
The rep told me that this play doesn't glorify alcohol abuse, but... that was a lie. They use drinking games to shamefully sell booze and get you drunk. Click for our review. - . Club Oberon, 2 Arrow St, Cambridge, MA . Contact Johnny Monsarrat for your own website project.
Our Review

Bye Bye Liver - 3 out of 5 stars

by Johnny Plankton

If you're looking for a kinda fun night out, are relatively young (20's to 30's) and still view drinking as a hobby to be enjoyed on weekend nights, Oberon has a show for you. If not, well - feel free to check the rest of The Boston Events Insider, as there are plenty of great ideas for folks who don't meet the above criteria.

But if you are in the targeted demographic, you might really enjoy this show, as a number of customers seemed to. Bye Bye Liver is less of a 'drinking play' as the title implies than it is a series of (pretty funny) comedy sketches about the lighthearted side of drinking - sandwiched in between a bunch of drinking games. Set in a mythical Boston bar called Frank's, your bartender Zach and wholesome waitress Sasha (at least until she does shots) escort the audience through a number of games where the "winners" of said games need only take one gulp of their drinks, while "losers" take two.

Oberon is a perfect setting for this sort of show, with a great big stage designed took look like a downtown bar (complete with a piano player) in which various stereotypical bar characters come in, get drunk and act out. Audience participation is big piece of the show as Sasha wades through the club's tables selecting unwitting patrons to participate in drinking games like Trivia, Name That Tune and Would You Rather? - a game that proposes two horrible choices for contestants, then encourages the contestant as well as the rest of the audience to the pick the least repulsive choice of the two, thus "winning" the right to skip the second gulp. Bartender Zach will also randomly yell out "Social!" during the games, which cues patrons to take another belt of whatever it is they're drinking.

Bye Bye Liver promises "a fun, fast-paced comedic romp that takes a satirical look at the pratfalls and pitfalls of the drinking culture." Which the show does a really good job of in a series of sketches. One presents a look into the Ladies Room at every dance club; another the discomfort of running into the woman or man you slept with drunk but never called; there's a sketch depicting the unpredictability of blackouts that escalates to ridiculous heights; and then there's "the girl we all know that should never, ever drink liquor," hilariously played by Sasha Kraichnan, as each liquor type morphs her into a different phylum of drunkard. Harry Aspinwall is also funny as the guy who dresses in drag to see what the Ladies room is all about, and the rest of the cast (Kat Depaola, Zach Eisenstat, James Fay and Mike Maloney) handle the sketch material pretty convincingly.

Overall, a pretty funny show, but the constant exhortations to "Drink Up", get a little old, particularly if you've been through the days when "Happy Hours" ruled the bar scene.

Full Description

Bye Bye Liver is a fun, fast-paced comedic romp that takes a satirical look at the pratfalls and pitfalls of the drinking culture. Whether it's the girl we all know that should never, ever drink liquor or a terrifying (yet enlightening) look into the Ladies Room at the club, every drinking danger is captured in hilarious detail. And it's all interspersed with interactive social games with the audience, such as Never Have I Ever and Would You Rather!

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