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Blacksmith Weekend - Boston Events INSIDER

Blacksmith Weekend at Boston Events INSIDER Johnny's Summary
All blacksmiths all the time is the theme for this 18th century re-enactment. I've never seen that before. Get yourself a horseshoe. - . 603-826-5700. 267 Springfield Rd, Charlestown, NH . See the Johnny Monsarrat Wheel Questions project.
Full Description

Blacksmithing Weekend

On May 12-13, 2012 the Fort at No. 4 will feature a Blacksmith Weekend with a newly-formed group of blacksmiths calling themselves “The Granite State Hammer Alliance” demonstrating. They will be displaying the craft of blacksmithing spanning a limited time-line, focusing on traditional methods using charcoal, bituminous coal, and propane and will forge both iron and mild steel into traditional shapes and forms to create items for the gift shop at No. 4.

Although the Alliance is currently small, it is quickly picking up new members and others interested in this traditional craft. The group will be setting up adjacent to No. 4’s current blacksmith shop with various styles of forges, anvils and equipment.

Most blacksmith groups meet only amongst themselves. The focus of the Granite State Hammer Alliance is outwardly focused, demonstrating and educating the public on traditional methods and styles of blacksmith, and how these traditional techniques can be applied to modern forging. Many modern blacksmiths are producing more cost-effective items with electric welding and industrial style tools, and are not practicing the older ways. The Alliance’s goal is to keep these traditional techniques practiced over many centuries alive, and ensure these traditional ways are not forgotten.

Members of the Alliance have both volunteered and worked at No. 4 in the past, and are in total support of the new sponsorship and efforts to keep the Fort at No.4 alive and educating our young in the 18th century way of life of which blacksmith played a necessary and integral part.

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