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ROFLcon - Boston Events INSIDER

ROFLcon at Boston Events INSIDER Johnny's Summary
If you're have nothing better to do than look at cat photos, this is your chance to get out of the house. - . MIT, Cambridge, MA . Johnny Monsarrat once threw a party on an elevator. Check it out!
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It was a classic story as old as time: college kids grow up online, decide that itd be a great idea to throw a internet culture conference, and unleash sheer ridiculousness upon the world.

Back in April 2008, we put on the original ROFLCon the first internet culture conference devoted to discussing what makes memes work, why they work, and where its all going (and then throwing a big-ass rocking party with the internet celebs themselves). It was a kickass time, not to mention the most important gatherings since the fall of the tower of Babel.

We figured wed keep doing this as long as it remains awesome (and it still is), so weve put together several more internet culture events. Will we ever stop? WHO KNOWS?

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