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Barefoot Walk in the Park - Boston Events INSIDER

Barefoot Walk in the Park at Boston Events INSIDER Johnny's Summary
You know what real poverty is? Not having shoes. Come experience it and help raise money for Africa. . Pope john Paul II Park, Hallet St, Boston, MA . Johnny Monsarrat set a world record for video projects in 2009.
Full Description

Karibu! (means Welcome in Swahili)

Join us for one of our many ""Barefoot Walks""!

Why walk one mile barefoot?

Many of you have not had the opportunity to travel to Africa and experience what life is like there. Even if you have, you had shoes... Many here both young and old don't have shoes. Many walk miles and miles every day whether to go to school, work, to the villages or to the city; they walk without shoes every day. On any given day; the ground could be hot, muddy or dusty...yet, they walk miles and miles...

We want to share with you, their life in a small yet powerful way - ""Walk a Mile in Our Feet"" will help CCI build us the School of St. Nicholas so the next generation in the Village of Saitabau will received an education and ethey will always have shoes.

Join thousands of barefoot walkers around the country to help fight poverty through education.

All proceeds benefit Chris Cares build a primary school three classrooms a year and provide shoes for the children so they never have to walk barefoot again.

We hope you join us for one of our walks in the Spring of 2012!

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